No Hesitation Selecting Willie to Do Future Projects

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to state the nature of my business relationship with Eschenfelder Landscaping.

In July 2007, I awarded Eschenfelder Landscaping with the contract to redo my entire yard and driveway. This was a substantial project that required considerable investment on my part. My entire front yard, including the driveway, was completely torn-out. We replaced the driveway with a heating system and pavers. We added numerous large trees, bushes, grass, decorative rocks, walking areas, and a dry-stack wall. We also replanted the entire back yard.

I have always liked Willie Eschenfelder’s direction for all the projects that he has done for me over the years. I was really worried about the driveway when he suggested pavers; however, I followed his suggestion. When the project was completed, the driveway became my favorite part. The pavers are beautiful and classy. I receive numerous compliments about the driveway.

From the onset of the project, I have found Willie and his crew to be accessible, honest, and hard working. As the relationship progressed, I had no issue granting more latitude to Wilie to make decisions regarding yard design. I trusted his opinion and found his ideas to be creative. I also found Willie worked hard to stick to the budget. He demonstrated a conservative nature in quoting his work and attempted to manage all costs without compromising quality. If I had any issues, Willie was quick to address them.

With the project now complete, I am very satisfied with the end result and will have no hesitation selecting Willie to do future projects. I have given my business to his company for yard maintenance and weekly clean up. I am available to discuss my experience with Eschenfelder Landscaping would you require further information.

David Robbins
Vice President, England North American Division
C.R. England Inc.
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